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I'm a professional music producer based in Berlin, i have experience in sound design, music for films, mastering, mixing, and songwriting. I'm currently working on the mixing and mastering of @vinnyroc podcast. I would be glad of increasing the quality of your audio

Art has always drived the sense of my life, mostly music, the movement between the notes, the meaning behind every instrument playing in harmony at the same time, creating something beautiful, capable to make you cry, jump or just feel full of joy.
I feel proud of me when I think I can deliver a piece to the world that may touch people in some unique way.
I have started with piano lessons when I was four, five years later the guitar would become my new passion, and a few years later, at the age of 16, the music production and composition would be the thing that till today, steals me hours of sleep.
I work specially as sound engendering, mixing & mastering artists songs and podcasts shows, as well as songwriting /composing, creating unique pieces for video, films and brand commercials.

Some people will say art is not that important, it is just "entertainment". Nothing farther from that, cheap art is about entertainment, pieces full of meaning, tell stories about the soul, about the deepest meaning of life.

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I was the producer, composer and engenieer in this production

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