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Remote Metal/Rock Mixing

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I'm here to lend a helping hand to Metal/rock artists looking to get another perspective and set of ears on their music to make a final product that is as close to what they hear in their heads as possible.

Handing off mixing duties can free up more creative energy for artists to hone their creative vision in other facets. After absorbing yourself into a project it can become easy to lose perspective on your mix and start chasing your tail to fix perceived problems.

I most recently recorded, engineered, performed, and mixed a debut full length self-titled album "Antediluvian Projekt" that can be found on Spotify.

My goal is to begin pivoting towards doing more mixing and mastering in addition to overall music production. I specialize in the Metal and Rock genres with progressive and unorthodox arrangements. I work entirely "in-the-box" using Logic Pro. I can re-amp your guitar DIs, mix your midi or acoustic drums, and/or offer full mixing if required by the client.

Any successful production begins with a conversation. Let's get in touch and see if I can help you realize your sonic vision!

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John Heckathorn

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[Redacted] by Antediluvian Projekt

I was the Recording, Tracking, Mixing Engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

Any and all details of services to be agreed via email before any files are exchanged. I am currently working to build a portfolio of mix work and I will be offering free mixing for 1-3 tracks.

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