Jay-Vis McIntosh

Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Jay-Vis McIntosh, record label owner of Pioneer Music based in Jamaica. I've been a producer & engineer for a number of years, as well as a vocal coach and keyboardist with a number of bands. My genres have been diverse due to my experience both being apart of pop bands and as a vocalist in chorales and choirs alike. I'm an amiable and patient guy.

I serve as a mix & mastering engineer, session editor with a keen ear for vocal tuning and quantization. I also produce full band live tracks in my recording studio with various professional musicians and vocalists on call. I produce entire tracks and work in a slew of DAW's.

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Terms Of Service

For Mixing: Turnaround = 10 Working Days per song; Revisions =3 For Mastering = 5 Working Days per song; Revisions =2 All other tasks are subject to complexity of task Add. revisions, Add. cost