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I'm an artist, a's an example from a recent track of mine..."in description below"

DisILLusion the solution 2 confusion of movement.../ Delusions of true shit../The conclusions of who-which is too stoopid-2-print../ No illiterate, ya student, catch a lariat 2 imprudent 4 a care-in-it 2-give!../And that's improvement 4 you-when comparing shit in blueprint.. Future u-which is our nuisance, but influence nooses 2 Judas!!!/ 2-B sure the pigs stay blue-clueless, We-tour ya roofs like ya toothless, gore all ya pooches who-hue-fits, then pour cement in Steve's-kicks till his shoes-is like 2-bricks then introduce him to scuba's!/ Reduce the producers 2 ruins and dare a new-bitch 2 sleuth-it!!!! // [[["GOD DAMN"]]] Bald-head but they all-dread me Rasta/No saucer but da FED-a-greedy-bread impostor.../ HAHA...Hope u caught-da ATaLien statEment but da state me-ment-2 holla is the backwoods neighbor backwards AmabalA!!!///Ya folla??? Not a fuckin chance i just like 2 bother, still this is all im gonna say 2 ya'll 4 now we're out... we're out... we're out...///////
WrittenBy:Doyle Flynt/As performed in his song"DisILLusionLately"///thank you much: Doyle Flynt

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AmabalA-DoyleFlynt in Rodney Danderfield 24

I was the Writer/performer in this production

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