Jack Mason-Brase

Writer/Singer, Producer, Mixer

Jack Mason-Brase on SoundBetter

I wear a few hats; I've been producing music for ten years, I can do remote mixing, I can play five instruments, and I'm a singer/song writer. I've also worked for 7 years as a freelance video director and editor; whatever job you need done I can help you with.

Hi! I'm Jack; I'm a music producer, audio and mixing engineer, a multi-instrumentalist, a singer/singwriter, a video editor, and a few other things. I use Pro Tools and have been using it for ten years; I'd love to help you get your tracks to where they need to be, whether through additional recording, mixing, writing, or even if you need a lyric video to go with your project. In an effort for full transparency I want to mention this; I mostly create for myself or collaborators I know personally. As I'm just stepping out into the world of creating with strangers, my prices are very low and very flexible. Let me know if you have any questions!

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