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If you've got the thread of a song, let's make it into something you could wear on the runway. I performed at the Havana Jazz Festival this past January - wrote the music, rehearsed the band, performed on guitar alongside a talented jazz vocalist.

I've been seeing projects through since I was 14 - do you want an intuitive set of ears on your mix? A guitar feature tailored for your song? Transcribed sheet music for a band to bring your music to a larger audience?

I've been in the studio as a leader and a sideman, and I know what it takes to run a session or flow under someone else's guidance. My experience has been with bands that feature jazz as some part of the sound, harmonically or rhythmically. I've been behind the boards as a mix engineer for Grey Heron as well, and my skills are growing quickly.

Check out my stuff, let's be in touch!

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