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I'm a songwriter, arranger, guitar and bass player, who has been doing music for a long time. I've never played on a covers band cuase I love to create, that's why I always have composed my own stuff, whether a lyric or a bass line or a guitar arrangement. So, I would love to work on your project and make it awesome.

Broken hearted songwriter.

Honesty and melancholy are the main ingredients of my writing. My favorite things to write about are complicated relationships, the pursuit of a peaceful state of mind, loneliness, dealing and beating frustration.

My genres are, Rock, Hard Rock, Pop-Rock, pop and I can write lyrics that would fit pretty well on country songs.

As arranger I like to keep it simple, whether it is a guitar or a bass line, cause I've learned, that in music, most of the time... less is more.

I have a pretty particular style when it comes to playing guitar. By the way I don't do super fast guitar solos.

With the bass I can say the same, but I love perfect bass lines, which are those who can seem simple, but they are really injecting the power the song needs.

I specialize on Rock, Punk rock, Pop-Rock, hard rock and indie music.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

Adrián Mattia - Back to love

I was the singer, producer, guitar, bass, banjo in this production

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