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I produce rock-inspired and melody-driven anthemic bass music.

I came up in the post-punk/pop-punk/emo scene (OG pre-Hot Topic days), playing guitar/singing in bands for most of my life.

Favourite keys are Eb Maj; D Maj; F# Maj; C Min - usually writing in that 130 - 180 bpm range (at halftime of course).

I have a group of other talented producers I often collaborate with, and try and do one or two remixes a month, regardless of what else I have going on.

I use Ableton Live 10, mix and master most of my tracks (I say “most” because if it calls for it, I will use Tom Frampton for mastering - mixing is always done by me though).

I use Revoice Pro 4 for vocals, along with Izotope’s RX if need be (if I’m really having trouble with a vocal though, I do have a vocal wizard on standby I can send stems to for tweaks and polishing).

I’m super easy to work with, and always want to make sure whomever I’m working with is happy with the end result (even in a situation where I’ve purchased the vocal master and can technically do whatever I want with it), and I will always listen to feedback, regardless of how much with it I might disagree.

I just want to keep making better and better music.

Send me an email through 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.

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