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We are Dark Knights Records, a recording and sound engineer duo from Nuremberg. Our main goal is to obtain a sound that gives the listener something to discover even after listening several times.

David is an experienced sound engineer who works both in the studio and on stages and festivals. His passion is to work in the recording studio on small subtleties that give the mix the necessary variety to stay interesting in the long run. As he also is a musician, he knows, what each member of the band is looking for in the mix.

Next to him, Son is the pair of ears which gives his influence from a musician's point of view. Since he has been playing both the guitar and the drums actively for years and is also active as a singer and backing vocalist, he brings a wide range of knowledge of the instruments with him.

In the modern age of recording studio work, we offer very flexible working methods, either in the classical way directly on location or as an online recording session, where the artist can fully concentrate on his work and we guide him through the session.

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