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Hey, I'm Federico, a 15-year-experienced music producer and sound designer. I worked with Eiffel65 ("I'm Blue, da ba dee da ba da..") and other italian pop acts, with major labels such as EMI, Warner and Universal. I work on sound for pictures too; in my studio I'll be able to deliver everything you need to get your project done, from scratch.

After taking piano and guitar lessons as a kid, at the end of the 90's I built my pc, bought a Tascam USB audio device and started experimenting with hd recording and I never stopped ever since! On the contrary, I specialized in multitrack recording on ProTools (with C24) at the University of Turin (multimedia and arts) and short after that I started working as music producer at Bliss Corporation, the production studio of DaBlitz and Eiffel65 (two very famous dance pop italian acts).
I learned how to write, arrange and produce a wide variety of genres and more importantly how to operate music on a DAW. I can safely say I master the art of editing (especially drums and vocals) and thanks to my musical studies I can play or program arrangements for a large number of instruments (my sound palette include practically every kind of instrument, thanks to a very big collection of sound libraries).
I can also mix and master many different styles of music, but also soundtracks and sound for pictures too, both stereo and surround formats.

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