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With years of improvisation, composition, performance in different corners of the industry, Nate's music is both heartfelt and erudite. From jazz-fusion to musical theatre, Bach to Indie, he has wowed audiences around the globe. As a pianist, multi-instrumentalist, he can bring you the ideal product to help you create the song of your dreams.

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I am here because I love making music, and have had such a blast recording with friends and client. After getting my MA in music composition, I'm back at recording, honing my chops. I am very at home with indie/indie folk but improvise in almost any style.

I have a very wide set of skills. I worked at ImprovBoston for nearly a decade, so I've improvised thousands of songs, and taught hundreds to do the same. I've worked in sketch and written comedy songs, so I got ya comedy covered too.

That being said, I can deliver some high end compositional work; play piano on about any project; help you revise your songwriting or write a song from scratch based off your experiences;

- reading fully notated piano music
- recording compositions for piano (chamber, film, solo, etc)
- playing groovy colorful rhodes tone
- adding piano & synth to round out any arrangement
- helping you revise lyrics to make them as vibrant, communicative, and potent as possible

I teach songwriting as well as all my other musical crafts (composition, piano, improvisation). I lead retreats where participants improvise together and record their music by the end of the 3 days. I love helping people see the big picture of their creativity and explore & explode it.

I've worked with some local acts in Boston on stage and in the studio. I can pretty much help you with anything.

Send me an email through 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.


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