Phil Nielsen

Bass player

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I have 20 years of touring and recording experience. I’m an Ernie Ball , Jim Dunlop , Kirlin Cable & Xotic Effects endorsee. Extremely competent in pop , reggae , rock , punk and hip hop. Touring out of town shows average over 100 year. Visit IG @DoYouKnowProto or DoYouKnowProto, for verification.

I'm a graduate of Musicians Institute in Los Angeles , and Det Alternative Rytmiske Konservatorie in Copenhagen , Denmark. Very strong theoretically and technique wise. If you have a notated part or charts you want me to perform, i can read that.

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Gear Highlights
  • Fender P and J basses
  • Apogee Duet audio interface
  • Xotic Effects Pre Amp
  • Dunlop MXR Bass Di Pre Amp
  • Vintage 60's Short Scale Hollowbody bass
  • a bunch of compressors and different amp
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