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We think of ourselves as an opportunity for the bedroom and basement creators among us to deliver professional quality to their audience. We want our prices to reflect that and the work to reflect our passion for bringing new music to the public without feeling held back.

For our small team here in Calgary Canada, there was a time when music meant having a blast with friends listening to our favourite albums, or plugging in and seeing what we could come up with. Along the way we realized we needed to take a step forward in quality to sound more like our favourite music. Some pretty obvious questions arose:
Why did we have to crank the volume knob when listening to our songs?
How much was a recording studio and professional help going to cost us to get that quality that we felt our songs lacked?

That ceiling we felt we were hitting developed a serious curiosity for what music needed other than just effective composition, and so began the deep-dive into what helps some waves flowing out of the speakers affect us greater than others. Guided by that curiosity, we discovered our undying passion for all the intricacies involved in the musical experience being created.

10 years later, we now feel worthy enough to ask for the opportunity to share in producing some waves that come out of some speakers and ignite a musical experience in the listener.
If we had to define what we bring to the table in two words, we'd have to say 'critical attention'.
From big picture to minute detail, we support and uplift the artistic direction of your creative endeavour with a dedication to the craft, and when appropriate, a willingness to chart new territory.

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