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I'm Gino Burgio and I absolutely love making your music sound it's best! From beginning stage to end, and anywhere in between, I have you covered.

Recognition from Music Industry personal (Producing, Mixing Engineers) who have worked with clients such as Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Stevie Nicks, Alice Cooper and Roger Daultrey. Advancement on reality TV show X-factor (season 2).

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  1. Review by Joseph N.

    Gino is a Bad Ass!
    He knew exactly what I was looking for and in a few days he delivered Gold.

  2. Review by January

    Pleasure working with Gino again! He's really good at what he does :-)

  3. Review by January

    in subject of songwriting and producing you can easily compare this man with Sia furler..!

  4. Review by January

    Gino Burgio is God of music..!

  5. Review by Pelle Kuipers
    check_circleVerified (Client)

    This is the third time we worked together on a project and the communication is really nice! Gino knows how to give a good and clear feedback and that's great for speeding up the completion of the projects. I'd for sure collaborate again.

  6. Review by January

    I strongly recommend Gino Burgio for those who wants to be professional..

  7. Review by January

    Gino Burgio is not only a Musician..! He is a dream maker...
    don't hesitate about choosing him for your songs..!

  8. Review by Pelle Kuipers
    check_circleVerified (Client)

    For a client of Gino he needed a mixing and mastering engineer. He was swift in his turnarounds and had a great ear for details. It was really nice working with him again.

  9. Review by Ijen A.

    Gino was very helpful, he exceeded my expectations by far. I didn't meet anyone so enthusiastic for our project before. He did more, than was our budget. He was also very patient and worked fast. I definitely recommend him for other (rock) projects.

  10. Review by Ijen A.

    Gino was very helpful, he exceeded my expectations by far. I didn't meet anyone so enthusiastic for our project before. He did more, than was our budget. He was also very patient and worked fast. I definitely recommend him for other (rock) projects.

  11. Review by Pelle Kuipers
    check_circleVerified (Client)

    And again it was nice working with Gino. He's swift in his responses and knows what he's asking and talking about. Very talented guy!

  12. Review by Steve Banzara

    Looking for a superfast singer and writer? Gino is a professional!
    Really helpful and detailed about all the work in progress.
    5 stars are not enough!

  13. Review by Pelle Kuipers
    check_circleVerified (Client)

    It is nice to work with Gino. He's a great vocalist and the music he makes with his companion is very catchy. I had a whole lot of fun mastering their album!

  14. Review by Jaime

    Gino is awesome! Go Civil Drone!

  15. Review by January

    Well i have experience of working with many people on soundbetter website and but after getting familiar with Gino Burgio i really understand he is only person who can make something that is in your mind or in other word he can realize your dreams by his wonderful skills on producing a song from zero to end.

Interview with Gino Burgio

  1. Q: Which artist would you like to work with and why?

  2. A: I look forward to working with Lana Del Rey someday. She does an amazing job using words to draw up primal emotion and energy. She understands that every single sound matters and contributes to the bigger picture of the song when strategically placed right. It's astonishing how simple and stripped down a song could actually be and yet still sound big and produced....we both understand this principle well. It's all about perspective....yes, we'd have a blast working together!

  3. Q: Can you share one music production tip?

  4. A: Download a good recording app onto your smart phone (or use the stock one) and Always, Always, Always have your cell on you to record ideas as they come up. Never think it'll be there tomorrow, ideas come and go like clouds. Be sure to logically organize them too, so they are easy to access when you are song-mining.

  5. Q: What type of music do you usually work on?

  6. A: Genres are lines created for us to color outside of. I'll work on anything to expand my horizons. Since I have a special place in my heart for Pop/EDM, especially the darker kind, I do enjoy working on those types of emotive and emotional projects. I also love the organic feel and energy of Indie and Rock music. I started off a classically trained singer and then shortly after began singing Metal, so I truly do appreciate it all.

  7. Q: What's your strongest skill?

  8. A: Communication. I could have golden ears, but what good are they if I'm not listening to what YOU want. With that said, I love seeing beyond what anyone else sees for a song, and then breathing life into those elements to give the song a whole new dimension and it's own unique place in this world.

  9. Q: What do you bring to a song?

  10. A: You know that feeling of fire and inspiration you feel that keeps your eyes on the prize and relentlessly working toward your goals? I fuse that feeling into the song to be captured and experienced over and over again.

  11. Q: What's your typical work process?

  12. A: I prefer getting a sample of a working concept so that I could get an honest idea to what extent my expertise will best serve you. After that I prefer a discussion to identify what is expected of all parties and to set realistic goals and expectations within the scope of various parameters. I find it best to then move forward in a particular direction with a rough foundation and then discuss any questions or concerns to reiterate that we are aligned with the same vision. I'll then build the mix/project from start to finish and begin experimenting with various elements to best represent that particular song and/or artist. Present to you, make any tweaks (if needed) and then I get to see you overwhelmed with joy and excitement!

  13. Q: Tell us about your studio setup.

  14. A: Pro Tools High Definition 2, Avid/Digidesign 192 i/o, Vintech x73i, Focusrite ISA one, Audient Mico, GAP-Pre 73, DBX 166A, Blue Blueberry, Shure Sm7b, Waves, SoundToys, Nomad, Dyneaudio.

  15. Q: What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

  16. A: To spare anyone not too familiar with the industry names behind the big artists, I have always been inspired by emotive pop music, especially those with a slightly darker edge. Artists such as Lady GaGa, Lana Del Rey, Elie Goulding, Florence + the Machine, Jetta, Lykke Li, In this Moment and Rihanna best round out the "Dark Pop" sound that has kept me inspired. Some of the others that don't quite fit into the "Dark Pop" category are Katy Perry, Die Antwoord, Three Days Grace, Colbie Cailat, Lorde, Korn and Kimbra.

  17. Q: Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.

  18. A: As a Producer and Writer, one of my trademarks is my ability to turn a good song into a great song. It's a beautiful thing to communicate with my clients to fully understand their vision and purpose and to then extract and highlight elements of their passion into a final product. From the very first lyric and note, to the fully produced song, and anywhere in between, my presence and influence on the song is felt, not just heard. I find that also being a mixing engineer affords me greater control to bring our ideas to fruition more effortlessly. As a vocalist I have studied the greats and have come up with my own innovative approach to best highlight the texture and style of an artist.

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I was the Producer, Mixing Engineer, Vocals, Top-Line, Songwriter, Vocal Tuning, Drum Programing, YouTube Cover Recording, Arranger, Composer in this production

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I enjoy working on new projects, please contact me to discus professional services within your budget! *Royalties default to composer. Contact for flexible arrangements. Thank you,

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