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Musical Production, recording, mixing and mastering Help you find your sound and style getting a high quality product Musical Production, recording, mixing and mastering, remote work. We help you find your own sound and style, fully exploit your artistic talent

Musical Production
We help you find your sound and explit your own talent getting a quality product. With today's technology and internet we can help wherever you are and get a high quality production

Recording and mixing
We have technicians and engineers with extensive experience in various styles to make high-quality recordings and then get into the mix stage, the most important stage where sounds get corrected and own sound is reached identifying the artist/band

The process of Mastering is the final link to have a homogeneous and according to the music market product.
Official mastering for Operator Records and Auditen Music. Mastered tracks that reached number 1 at beatport and supported by big names in the EDM scene

We can work and help in any stage of the process of creating a disc.

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.

1 Reviews

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  1. Review by Beamrider
    by Beamrider

    I have my last 3 EPs mixed and masterd with Estudio Monta and my sound got a serious improvement. I produce EDM (Trance music) and release these EPs under Spanish label.
    Estudio Monta has done a very clear and powerful mix with all the elements in its place and a mastering that make my music sound equal any other comercial music in the same style

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