Jeremy Chua

Production, Mixing & Mastering

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Professional producer, composer, and mix/master engineer from Melbourne, Australia. Known for his ability to bring out the most important details in mixes and arrangements, Jeremy promises a crisp and dynamic product every single time.

Your vision is my sheet music. The process of producing and composing music always excites me because it’s almost always a collaborative one. Whether you’re an artist with a complete picture or a fragment of the frame, my goal is not to just to write your music but to articulate your vision.

The proof is in the pudding. I’d like to think that listeners do not care what compressor is on a vocal or how natural a reverb sounds. Instead, it is how the song or even a seemingly small element makes them feel - capturing this will forever be my ambition in mixing.

Gone are the days of the loudness war. Most streaming and digital platforms now have a normalisation process that completely changes how music is heard by the listener. The mastering stage is therefore crucial to ensuring your music is the best it can be for its intended platform.

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