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Mix and mastering engineer Jeremy Chua began his journey into the world of recording and production as a musician and guitarist first. Syphoning an aptitude for folk and ambient music, Jeremy has recorded and mixed for musicians and bands around the world over the last several years.

My name is Jeremy and I am a professional mix/master engineer and producer with 8 years of experience based in Melbourne, Australia. I enjoy all genres and am always on the lookout for the next great sounding record.

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I use a collection of industry-standard plug-ins from Waves, SSL, iZotope, Valhalla, SoundToys, Melodyne, and many more - together with analogue bus compressing (VCA) and summing.


Mix: Editing, Gain staging, Compression, EQ, Effects (Reverb, Delay, etc.), Mixing and Parallel-Compression, Vocal Tuning, De-Essing, De-Breathing, De-Clicking, Mono-Compatibility Check, Stereo Imaging, Master Bus Processing, Summing.

Master: Automation, Multi-band Compression, Saturation, EQ (Dynamic/Post), Transient Shaping, Exciting, Stereo Imaging, Limiting.

Note: Unless specified, I will master for streaming - target integrated loudness of -14LUFS with -1dBTP ceiling. 44.1kHz 16bit sample rate. High quality wav file.

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Daniel Turner - Hold Me

I was the Mixing/ Mastering Engineer in this production

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