Bamdad Xosh

Composer, Arranger & Producer

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I have been engaged as composer and arranger for many years, mainly in the field of orchestral jazz. Whether writing a score for a large jazz ensemble or doing an in-box project, making music is my passion.

I am a qualified music composer specialized in the field of jazz and popular music (Master of Arts in Music Education; Study of Composition, Arrangement & Music Theory). I also have 16 years of practical experience in composition as well as executive and artistic production. I have always been excited by new experiences and challenging projects. I am passionate about exploring different genres, experimenting with new sounds, and pushing boundaries in music. I am open to working on projects of all sizes and scopes and am committed to delivering high-quality work that meets the unique needs and vision of each client. I have a keen ear for detail and can create custom compositions that evoke specific emotions and moods. Whether it's a jingle for a commercial or a full-length album, I am dedicated to bringing your vision to life through music. I am also proficient in music notation software and can provide high-quality sheet music for performance and recording purposes.

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I was the composer and arranger in this production

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