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Premier Metal, Rock and Hardcore production. Remote and in-house mixing and Mastering. Multi-track analog/hybrid HD recording studio. Multiple 'Best of' studio awards. Dynamic, massive production designed to tailor your sound to stand out from the over-compressed, flat tonal quality that is prevalent among a lot of todays digital recordings.

An up-and-coming, sought after Metal, Rock, and Hardcore recording, mixing, and Master engineer. Producer, composer, and musician. Guitarist for PRIME EVIL and Below the Frost (featuring members of Hatebreed, All Out War, and former Starkweather); former guitarist for Demolition Hammer. Fluent in producing Metal, Hardcore, and Rock genres. Credited with engineering, mixing, Mastering, and producing more than 50 albums for record labels and independent artists, including THE BEGOTTEN; BELOW THE FROST; BRAINDEAD; GHOST FIELDS; HECATE ENTHRONED; IBLISSIAN; KILL THE STANDARDS; NOTHING BUT WOLVES; OVILOR; PARALYSIS; PERCUSSOR; PRIME EVIL; ROARGH; SICKBAY; THUNDERCHIEF; VITRUVIUS; WITCHKISS; and many more.

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