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Not a rapper, but I rap. Looking to lend my always writing hands to an artist in need and make a name under the ghostwriting title 'Hyp£ Mod£'. I am completely discrete and all lyrics purchased are yours to keep and do with as you wish and i will have no further involvement. I do offer deals on hooks, and freestyle lyrics. Inbox day or night.

It's take me a long time to realise my true calling as been right in front of my very eyes for such a long time. I love rhyming & writing songs, I'm not a performer, but many people are and sadly they lack the flow, they lack the rhymes, the style, the raw talent & the quick suppression bars,that r I have that. I have the potential to be the most stealthiest ghostwriter for any artist. I am UK based but would love to work with people across the pond in the US, maybe people in Europe and defiantly people on my home soil

It's not just Rap/ Hip-hop I am looking to get involved with it's rock, indie, grime and alternative projects. Taster lyrics are free on request.

This offer completely depends on the sort of lyrics you're looking for. Whether you just want bars for the sake of bars, or if it's a diss track at someone/something, or raps about life, everyday problems, cars, women, money, or absolutely anything you want I will piece it all together and get back to you with something that flows and can hopefully get a name made for you. Please if you're wanting lyrics for beats you all ready have, please send a sound sample so I can get the feel and flow with it.

I do face to faces over webcam / facetime to talk about the sort of thing you're wanting to collaborate on.The more songs you're wanting lyrics for the better the deal will be. Thank you all.

Send me an email through 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.

Terms Of Service

Typically you're looking at 12-24 hours for the lyrics to be written and sent to you. Additional costs do apply for extra verses.

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