Vadim Smith

Mixing engineer, guitarist

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Worked with Peter Nalitch, Gleb Kolyadin (recorded). My own post-rock/experimental/ambient project appreciated by many fans of the genre. I can truly say that i am spec in post-rock, ambient, alt rock and other experimental atmospheric genres with very deep and surround sound.

For the last years I have been making music and mixing it. I write a lot of music for my own project, but also arrange other projects. My project called Total Euphoria - it's a post-rock/ambient/experimental music with very atmospheric and saturated sound. Since I write a lot of music in these styles, I can say that I have a very fine understanding of how it should sound. However, other genres (indie, emo, hip-hop, etc.) I also understand well, and I can mix them without any trouble.
I treat music with respect and understanding, I never do it at random, I listen to the client and complete the assigned tasks.
For me, a song is not just lyrics and notes. For me it is a piece of your soul that must sparkle and sparkle so that people can hear it.
Also in my project Total Euphoria all guitar and bass parts were written and played by me (including solos, rhythm). So I'm also open as a guitarist and arranger for your wonderful compositions.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

Now Not Exist by Total Euphoria

I was the Mixing Engineer, singer, composer, executer, author in this production

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