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Calmtree Studio is a recording studio in Barcelona filled with talented and passionate people ready to help you to develop any audio and music you need for your projects.

Calmtree Studio is located in Barcelona, just 15 minutes from the city centre by metro.

Our talented team is always ready to develop and achieve everything your project needs.

Our services:
For a good rehearsal it is important that everyone can hear each other comfortably. Our system allows a personal mix for up to 7 musicians. In addition, you can take the rehearsal recording with you!

It doesn't matter if your song is just an idea. We help you to shape it. Together we will work on your song until we get the result you want.

Our studio has two recording rooms, offering a wide range of possibilities. Do you want to record a voice-over, or do you want to record your whole band playing live? No problem!

You've recorded your tracks at home and you're not happy with the result of your mix? We can help you! We can suggest you what changes you can make to improve the mix, or you can pass the project to us to mix it ourselves - whatever you prefer!

If you want to publish your tracks it is important that you go through the mastering process. We can do it ourselves or we can manage this process with mastering studios all over the world.

Our rooms have video connection so you can make live transmissions to any streaming platform or record a live session

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

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