Gracen Hill

Session singer, songwriter

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I offer many different styles of singing/inflection. I have a power house vocal and also soft sultry sexy singing, and I can rap as well if needed. I have demoed a lot of pop, hip hop, edm, rock, and pop punk. I can become a whole choir as well, I seriously have power vocals. I write as well if you need a co-writer or lyric edit.

I am a singer of all kinds, a professional for 10 years. I have my own set up to record my vocals quickly and efficiently. I am my own personal producer, I am comfortable using plug ins and such if you need it for your song. I have an SM7 for closeness and a few room mics if you want a boomier sound. I have a booth so it will be nice and clean vocals. I also have a few guitar pedals for running vocals through, a grunge pedal, distortion pedal, and a wah pedal if you so please.

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