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I make hits. From songwriting/composing, to recording and producing, to mixing/sound designing, to mastering, I specifically specialize in making hits. No matter the genre or need (songwriting, producing, vocal engineering, mixing, mastering), I have an ability to bring out the modern addictive sonics we crave in this highly competitive age.

Vocal Engineering/Mixing - I have the ability to make any vocal sound like it’s a hit record. Whether you have a lofi-indie joint or an all out pop record, I know how to make your vocals “pop” and sound unique and modern while making you sound better and more confident than ever before.

Songwriting - I have been a composer for 13 years, while writing chord progressions, melodies, and full out songs. I specialize in “pop” type writing in terms of vocals and lyrics but when it comes to the music, I am able to tap into my many reservoirs of styles ranging from jazz to blues to rock to alternative to pop to hip hop to experimental to metal to really everything. For example, If you just need a vibey, jazzy chord progression to get started, I got you.

Producer - been producing music professionally for 10 years now and I specialize in producing pop, hip hop/rap, rnb, dance/electronic, and lofi ‘beats’. My production is not limited to these genres above but they are my specialty, but considering I can composed and write any style/genre of music, I am able to easily adapt my production accordingly.

Mixing/Sound design- I’m able to make shit sound fire. Kinda beat on from typing all that other shit but let’s just be straight: I make hits. I will make your whole shit sound better.

Mastering - probably my least bragged about trait But still will make your shit slap

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