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See life book this chapter one I’m skipping through the page Nah let’s elaborate I’m Single parent raised My father hate the way I am but love what I became. Yea you thought me how to fly but I had to earn my wings. See life is good but it ain’t nothing like they make it seem. If you wanna chase your dreams get used to loosing sleep.

Lemme start I came from nothing perfect introduction
I put in work I’m doing hooks but I forgot to punch in
Retro payment I need the funds when you ain’t give me nothing
Tryna get it turn to self destruction
The money stack a lil higher whens there’s no tax deductions
I need all nickel and dimes that’s why I’m penny pinching
Dollar stretching every cent gon have to mean something
And I’m just cautious I’m not mean mugging
Just thought I seen something
A lot of trauma I keep it hush and
To my self everyone else gon think it means nothing
Unless I
make it mean something
They say my time coming
but I feel the reaper coming
Am I gon make it before my reaper run in
But only time could tell
That’s why I gotta keep my stick like I’m donatel
Only choice you got remain you gon sit down or tell
You start to think outside the box like who gon pay your bail
So it’s not sitting well
Ain’t throw a dollar in yo wishing well
And he ain’t sent no mail
Yo celly think that you should kiss n tell
But he don’t care how many years cuz he got plenty left.
What would I do is keep my word that’s all that I got left.

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