This is Steven Holness and Justin Hunter and we are Outbox Sound, LLC. We are professional recording, mixing, and mastering engineers from the D.C., Maryland, and Virgina area. Our goal is to provide the highest possible quality for YOUR records. Feel free to reach out and chat with us. We're ready!

Our approach to mixing is one that fosters creativity. Beginning with direction from the client, we meticulously lay out the session in a way that allows me to mix quickly. We do grouping, gain staging, and then create a quick "rough mix" with faders and panning which is key to getting a feel for the track and allow maximum headroom for processing. Then combinations of EQ, compression, and saturation are used to bring each sound to life. First step typically is to start with getting the kick/bass relationship just right as this sets the foundation of most urban song styles. Keys, Vocals, and rest of the instruments follow after that. We recognize that "feel","punch", and "clarity" between instruments are key elements in production and this stage helps with that. Finally, automation is where mixing REALLY happens. Mixing is about telling a story and automation will bring out the emotion the artist intends. Once complete, you get your mix. Simple!

We provide other deliverables besides the full mix/master as well: Instrumental, Performance mix (leads down or muted), A'capella.

We can provide unmastered stems as well ($25):
- All vocals
- Keys
- Guitar
- Bass
- Strings
- Drums
- Synths

I'd love to hear about your project. Click the 'Contact' button above to get in touch.

My credits include

Gear highlights

  • UAD Apollo + Satellite (8 cores total)
  • Dangerous D-Box
  • Distressor
  • Warm Audio WA-76 (x2)
  • Warm Audio EQP-WA
  • Clariphonic
  • TK Audio BC1-S
  • Neve Preamp
  • DBX
  • Neumann Microphone
  • Waves/UAD/FabFilter/Slate Digital Plugins

Genres I specialize in

Terms of Service

- 2 revisions
- Additional revisions are 50$ per revision
- Turnaround time of 2-3 days

Reviews of Outbox Sound

  • Default-avatarabout 1 month agoby Verified Review

    Steven (Fly Soulo) is a terrific engineer who is very easy to work with. I gave him an extremely difficult first assignment...a song with very complex instrumentation and syncopation and he pretty much nailed it.

    He is open to instruction, constructive criticism, and maintains a can-do positive attitude. love ya Bro, God Bless!!!

  • Default-avatar3 months agoby

    I've been working with Steven for about 5 years now and humbly credit myself as the catalyst for his start in the audio field. As an artist, I have entrusted him with all of my projects and singles and have yet to be disappointed. He's an intent listener and a sage with advice if you're looking to up your gear & overall sound. Highly recommend.

  • Default-avatar3 months agoby

    Steven has been my go-to audio engineer for over 4 years now; he's amazing. Not only are his mixes crisp and clean, but his professionalism sets him a notch above the rest. Steven is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and prompt with responses to my questions and turnaround time. Also, Steven constantly reinvests in himself to build on his craft.

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Interview with Outbox Sound

Tell us about a project you worked on you are especially proud of and why. What was your role?
I mixed a song called "My Future" for a Gospel artist and I mixed it FAST! In about 7 hours and it was accepted on the first submission! I was very intentional with that mix and the decisions were on point and the artist and producer loved it.
What are you working on at the moment?
A Gospel project! Coming soon...
Is there anyone on SoundBetter you know and would recommend to your clients?
Currently there is not.
Analog or digital and why?
Both! Digital allows flexibility and immediate recall and plugins these days are amazing. But analog just has that "something", that vibe when you run a signal through it is unmistakable.
What's your 'promise' to your clients?
Professionalism first and foremost. Second, timely delivery. I do not play around when it comes to client satisfaction in those regards. The creative process can be discussed and worked with but those are key.
What do you like most about your job?
Each song is different. Though techniques can be similar, they rarely are used the exact same way in each song. Emphasis is different, signal chains are different, and the variety is awesome.
What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?
Rates- varies based on a few factors. They also ask how long it'll take to mix, can I make it "sound like the radio", and can I make it loud?
What's the biggest misconception about what you do?
Everyone thinks I'm a DJ! Also, people think the music is recorded and magically perfect after the recording is finished. No one considers all the complexities and nuances of getting a mix and master where they need to be.
What questions do you ask prospective clients?
What direction they (Producer, artist) want to go, Timeline, what microphones were used to record, What reference tracks would be ideal to use.
What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?
Give me a shot. Give me the opportunity to impress and provide timely and impactful deliverables.
If you were on a desert island and could take just 5 pieces of gear, what would they be?
Assuming I had a computer with Pro Tools ready to go- Apollo (Loaded with plugs!), SSL MasterBuss Compressor, GML 8200, Distressor, Bricasti Reverb.
What was your career path? How long have you been doing this?
My career path is actually Cyber Security but I have been involved in music since I was about 9 (I'm 25 now). Been mixing for about 4 years.
How would you describe your style?
Personally? Laid back, friendly, professional. Musically? Punchy and clear.
Which artist would you like to work with and why?
Kendrick Lamar. His sound is incredible, message is powerful, and the opportunity to vibe and mix his music in the studio would be a fantastic experience.
Can you share one music production tip?
Take risks. Expose the client to a new perspective on a song (Unless very strict guidelines are given) and see if that gets the creative juices flowing for both parties.
What type of music do you usually work on?
Gospel, Hip-Hop, R&B/Soul, Pop
What's your strongest skill?
Mixing by far, but within that I'd say mixing the music itself. It's like a jigsaw puzzle to get everything to fit and be balanced!
What do you bring to a song?
Clarity, creativity, movement, energy!
What's your typical work process?
I typically will get the files into Pro Tools, sort and color code them, and then clip gain everything to about -12 to -15 dB to start. Then I'll work out a rough mix by applying effects to the master buss and main busses (Top down mixing) and get the whole mix at around -10 dB to start. Once it's all balanced I'll start with drums, bass, main keys/melody and go for vocals to sit in with that. All the rest I fill in around the vocals in the mix! I love the creative process of making things fit together!
Tell us about your studio setup.
I'm investing in a new desk currently but I run Adam Audio F7 monitors, Mackie Controllers (Soon to be replaced by Avid Artist Mix series) through my UAD Apollo + Satellite system. I use the following outboard gear: Clariphonic EQ, Warm Audio WA-76 (x2)-- I'm a huge fan!, Warm Audio EQP-WA, and a Distressor. I run all of that into Pro Tools 12.3!
What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?
Stevie Wonder as a musician and creative genius. As an engineer my favorite engineers are Mixed By Ali and Dave Pensado.
Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.
Primarily I do mixing and some mastering work as well. If I'm mixing will still process on the masterbuss but leave -6 dB or so for the mastering guy to take to the next level!