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I will provide professional Drums / Percussion, Guitars / Bass Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard / Synth / Piano onto your song. Recording / Sampling, Arranging, Editing, Mixing, Graphic Design & General Cover Art are optional. Analog Mastering also available through an affiliate. Feel free to get in touch & let’s get your song sounding awesome ! :)

My name is Tiger Bailey, I am a professional multi-instrumentalist musician with 22 years experience playing Drums / Percussion, Electric / Acoustic Guitar and Bass Guitar to mention a few.
I also have 7 years experience as a singer and keyboard / piano player.
My style leans towards the more abstract & experimental sides of the spectrum although I can perform conventional styles too.
Additionally I have 15 years Recording & Mixing experience.

I am the sole creator & only member of the band - Dust For Lunch.
I released a full length debut LP under this band name in December 2019 titled - Brutal Honesty.
I literally did all the work on this album from start to finish including the songwriting, performance, recording all the way to mixing and so on. I also designed the graphics and cover art for the physical hard copies as well as for online distribution. The only assistance on this project was with the mastering (which was done in a separate session)
This album is a great example of what I am capable of achieving single handedly but certainly not limited to, as I enjoy performing & listening to a wide variety of different styles of music from super old school to 90’s / early mid 2000’s.

I am the proud owner of a unique semi-professional recording studio nestled in the beautiful valleys of the Cape Overberg South Africa by the name of Tonetree Studios

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