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I've been obsessively writing, recording, mixing and mastering many different styles of music since the age of 15, creating 7 albums, 7 EPs and a podcast almost enitrely by myself, plus mixing and mastering 3 albums for friends. Now I feel confident enough in my ability to share these skills with other people.

A friend of mine told me a story once about being in a sound engineering course where the lecturer said, "Who's done any mixing before?"
Some people put up their hands.
"Who knows anything about mastering?"
Only a handful of people responded.
"Wrong! It takes years of specialised training and experience. You know nothing."
A muso I met the other day called it a "dark art". There seems to be a veil of mystery around the process of mastering, like it's some secret sauce only the elite have any knowledge of.
I think people are a bit surprised when I tell them that I master my music myself. But I'm normally reasonably happy with the end result, so I guess you'll be too.

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Terms Of Service

-3 free revisions
-Album/EP done within a week, Single/Podcast within 2 days

-Rates to be set per song based on estimated time required
-3 free revisions per song

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