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Vocal Tuning, Editing, Mixing

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I specialize in providing subtle and tasteful vocal pitch correction. I'm a Berklee trained producer & musician with perfect pitch and 15 years of experience. Vocals are the most important part of the mix in nearly every song - make sure they get the time and care they deserve. Take advantage of my low rates now while I build my online portfolio!

I offer a variety of services from editing, mixing and session work, but my specialty is vocal tuning. I take a minimalist and judicious approach to provide subtle and tasteful pitch correction to your vocal track.

My goal is always to preserve and feature the soul and character of the original track and create a natural sounding result. When done properly, the listener shouldn’t even think about intonation . I take pride in helping you get the sound you’re looking for.

Vocal Tuning: Pitch correction where every note is analyzed and changed (only if needed)
This can range from light and subtle to heavy and “perfect” sounding. It all depends on the sound you want.

Vocal Timing: Make adjustments to timing or phrasing to ensure that all tracks are aligned and flow properly.

Vocal Comping: Provide a few takes and I can listen through and select the best and most expressive parts of each. This process would happen before any other adjustments are made.

Editing: Noise removal (buzz, hum, pops, breathing, stutters, etc),

EQ: remove harshness, add warmth or shine

Level Matching: ensure a consistent volume throughout the track

Tuning Instruments: Similar to vocals. I have extensive experience tuning stringed and wind instruments.

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Terms Of Service

Turn-around time is 3 days, usually less(depending on project size).
If you have a strict time limit, let me know and we can work it out.
2 revisions.

Gear Highlights
  • Melodyne
  • Vocalign
  • Waves
  • Pro Tools
  • Studio One
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