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I listen to your ideas, untangle what you want and deliver it. I take what's in Your head and stick it in Everyone elses.

Want to make people put down their drink and Dance?

Working fast and professionally, I'll make your song come alive, never standing still, always pushing sonic boundaries, using techniques polished over many years.

I don't need to work with big name artists, there are plenty of very talented bedroom artists, with brilliant ideas and wonderful voices, I just bring these ideas together, offer my production, arrangement and musicianship so these ideas sound as good as they can be.

Worked with Songwriters, Artists and Producers from USA, Canada, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Europe...

Guitarist (Grade IIX) , Bassist, Drummer (Grade V) , Keys.

Since 1977 I've been writing, arranging, recording and producing songs, for me and other artists.

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