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Singer, songwriter

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Norwegian/Russian musician and songwriter with more than ten years experience as songwriter, studio musician and performer.

Even though I have training in classical music, and studied to be a pianist from a very young age, my true love has always been in singing and songwriting. I have ten years of experience in playing with different bands of various styles and genres - rock, jazz, electronic, blues, hip hop and folk in different variations, and even though I let myself inspire by different musical styles and see myself as a versatile musician, I mainly work within the realms of pop music. After playing with my Oslo based pop-rock band My Yellow House, I began working on my solo project Maria Mørk, which was largely inspired by folk and blues while traveling the US to play shows and write. After moving to Berlin, I started feeling the rhythm of the pulsating city, and quickly moved onto more electronic based projects, like my new neu disco-pop Masha Mané. I am looking for different producers to collaborate with to develop my new project, or create something completely new.

I would love to contribute as a songwriter and/or lyricist, as well as offering services as a top liner or backing singer. Music for film and TV has also been something I want to do more of, especially since I currently study film directing. I believe that good music comes in many forms and can have many functions, whether that being to make people relate, feel, think or just have a good time and dance.

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