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I love making music. I work with new artists who haven't put anything out and guide them along to getting their first release. There is nothing more gratifying than being able to find your music on iTunes and Spotify. Let me help you bypass the beginner mix and production mistakes so your talent can shine.

I do everything on a flat rate (for the most part). I'm not doing this full-time so I'm not rushing to get things done so I can move onto the next. I spend time of these projects and make sure I'm proud of the finished product. It's not going to be 3 revisions and you get what you get, we'll work at it til its right.

That being said, this means I am selective about the projects I work on. If I don't hear something that shows promise or lacks musicianship, I might pass on the offer. On the flip side, if your kick-ass, I might cut you a deal just to get the opportunity to work with you.

I listen to a ton of different genres mostly pop, rock, hip-hop, and EDM. I mix indie rock and punk primarily, but I'm always looking to expand.

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Terms Of Service

I'm willing to work with you on price if we are going to work on a project together. I'm more likely to give you all your money back than fight with you. It's not about the money for me.

Gear Highlights
  • Antelope Orion 2017
  • Melodyne
  • Ozone
  • Waves
  • Studio One
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