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Hello, we're excited you found us! Twelve:two Sound is a branch of twelve:two Productions. We partner with developing and established artists to refine sound and story. We believe that you're unique and require specific care to grow into your full potential. Our services will meet you where you're at both in budget and experience. Let's get to it!

As a songwriters ourselves we know how frustrating it can be thinking you have unlocked your sound only to fall short. We each have our owns failures that make refining sound and story a challenge. Funny enough most failures are common. We have been privileged to have great mentors that changed our perspective on failure and worked with us to lay foundation for our process that has stood the test of time. Now we are offering ourselves as mentos to you.

The industry is a large and intimidating place. Most do what is expected to try and "make it". Sadly this often results in striving to be something instead of recognizing the uniqueness that you already posses. Our goal in partnering with you is to produce both tangible and intangible results by refining your sound and story. We do this with relationship.

Learning about you will ultimately allow us to produce honest and lasting projects for your career. From songs that showcase your sound and style, to illustration and graphic design that accentuates your story and colors.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

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