Lena Sutter

Precise,Artistic Mix Engineer

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I'm an up and coming engineer with a variety of experience, from local to national acts and spanning genres from jazz to metal. I work with you to ensure your record has a unique sound to set you apart from the pack! More information on me, what i do, and who i work with at lenasutter.com

I'm a highly technical mix engineer with degrees in Sound Engineering and Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, where I spent 4 years recording and mixing the faculty and students of the U of M School of Music, Theater, and Dance. During this time, I also worked at Big Sky Studio in Ann Arbor, where I recorded live-in-studio sessions for everyone from local artist to national acts like Kacey Musgraves. I spent several years working for Shure microphones, developing and tuning signal processing algorithms that determined what the next generation of Shure products sound like. Now, I manage the studio at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and have the incredible opportunity to work regularly with Bon Iver.

I want to work with musicians who are hard to classify, push the boundaries, or are just making excellent and interesting music. My approach to sound is equal parts precise and artistic, and I love the challenge of creating something truly new.

I've also spoken at the Woman's Audio Mission Conference 2018 in New York City alongside greats like Linda Perry and Emily Lazar. Through events like this and my work in higher education, I work to make my studio and the studio world at large more inclusive to everyone.

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Terms Of Service

My typical turn around time is 3 days/track. I offer discounted prices for large projects (10+ tracks) or for bundling services (i.e. mixing, editing, and vocal comping for one track: $150)

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