Daniel Gutierrez

Recording & Mixing Engineer

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I love that I get to work with unreleased music.

I'm a Recording & Mixing Engineer from Houston. I'm part of the team at Lucky Run Studios.
I've been in the business for about 4-5 years; I've gotten the opportunity to work with:

Local bands:
- Valeluna
- Gravity Kings (Recording engineer for their upcoming EP, still to be released)
- Five Track Mind (Recording engineer for their Live Concert at our studio)
- Septik (Recording & Mixing engineer for one of their songs on their EP)

- Vincent Powell (I was part of the team by recording his vocal, drums & horns for his Christmas Album)

In all honesty I don't have big names on my list; and I know some artists do look at that but I want to leave a quote from ASCAP here:

- "There are many amazing mixers out there who don’t have big name credits simply because they haven’t yet had the opportunity."

My goals in this business is to get a Grammy & be labeled as one of the best in my state. So the result that you get back, will show my dedication, passion and commitment to your project.

What do you use?
- All of my mixing is in the box, In college I worked on a SSL Duality and I became a fan, so you will always see an SSL Plugin on my chain. After the mixdown I'll run it through a Manley Variable Mu Compressor for a little warmth and then send it off to get mastered.

Send me a note through the contact button above.

Gear Highlights
  • Digidesign ICON D Control
  • Equator Q12 Coaxial Monitors
  • Dual KRK Subwoofers
  • Yamaha NS-10s
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