Hello, my name is Colin. I'm a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University's Recording Industry Management Program. I am a producer, musician, engineer, vinyl collector, DJ, and sound designer, but above all I'm a fan of music. My life is a never ending quest to find interesting new noises and expose listeners to them.

Three C's Studios is a small recording studio in the rolling hills of Hunterdon County New Jersey. Reaching above and beyond what we have previously accomplished is always our goal, so if you have service requests outside of those listed on this page, we'll be happy to work with you to achieve your goals however we can. At Three C's we emphasise creativity and originality over the stale, cookie-cutter ideals being applied to much of today's audio. However it would be foolish to turn a blind eye to current trends, so we make it a point to stay aware of where the recording, music, and film industries are headed. This dichotomy is the lynch pin our whole operation swings from. A mix of new and old, technology and technique, tradition and innovation. As an audio professional I have found one of my greatest assets to be my flexability. I am always adapting to the situation and it's limitations and allowances, as opposed to trying to jam all my projects into the same framework. I also find that my experience as a musician helps me connect and communicate more effectively with my clients.

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