Hello my name is Colin. I'm a DJ, engineer, musician, producer, sound designer, vinyl collector, and a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University's Recording Industry Management Program. But before all of that I was a kid who loved listening to, creating, and recording music.

Reaching above and beyond what I have previously accomplished is always my goal, so if you have service requests outside of those listed on this page, just drop me a line and I'll be happy to work with you to achieve your goals however I can.

My emphasis is on creativity and originality, making it a point to stay abreast of where the recording, music, and film industries are headed, and striving to add to those narratives in a meaningful way. A mix of technology and technique, tradition and innovation, and a love and enthusiasm for the craft of creating and shaping audio flows through all things I do. These simple but effective principles have always guided me when recording, mixing, and creating.

As an audio professional and musician I have found one of my greatest assets to be flexibility. By adapting to a situation's limitations and advantages, I am able to avoid the urge to fit new creative ideas into an already existing sonic framework that may limit it's potential before fully forming. To this end, I pride myself on listening to a client's needs and wants, then helping them extract the essence of their ideas to use as a foundation for creating a unique and pleasurable listening experience.

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