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Getting a great backing track that needs the lyrics, vocal lead and harmonies is a joy. I'm just as content writing to a piano or guitar as a full band production. My voice is quite diverse as the samples show. Let's communicate and make the song sound at least as amazing as we imagine it could be.

I have worked as songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist as a solo artist and in bands. I sing, play guitar, keyboard, and occasionally drums. I have also produced music for films as composer, music supervisor, producer and original songwriter/performer.

Often, as in some of the samples, I am given the title of the track, which sometimes becomes part of the chorus or can be a guide for the energy of the song. I love harmonies. I am also an actor which I feel helps immensely getting into the role and soul of each song. I choose words wisely and seek melodies that connect with the heart intelligence of the listener.

Great songs in a sense write themselves...we are to a degree music mediums that need to let go to let in. No expectations. No judgement. Simply one with/becoming the song.

Audio sample timeline:
0:00-0:45 = Black Widow (lyrics, lead line, harmony) - Rock
0:46-1:38 = Hollowed (lyrics, lead line) - Hard Rock/Grunge
1:39-2:23 = Burning Time (lyrics, lead line, harmony) - Metal
2:24-2:57 = Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (vocals) - Jazz
2:58-3:55 = Love Is Blind (lyrics, lead line, music, harmony) - Light Rock
3:56-4:56 = Lucky Day (lyrics, lead line, music) - Soul Pop

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I am a BMI member and will provide my registration info for whatever co-writer royalties when applicable. I currently distribute through Distrokid and ONErpm so we can split revenue that way too.

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