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Executive producer and engineer for ODIE. Released our first project, “Analogue” in April of 2018 which has surpassed 60,000,000 streams in total among all DSPs. Have Landed multiple production Syncs in prime time television series’s as well as 2 films, including, “After Party”, a Netflix Original.

24 years old. Originally from Las Vegas, NV although moved to the East Bay in California where I was raised. My background in music hailed from most of my family being from NY and being involved in Jazz and general Instrumentation growing up.
I found a fascination with hip hop music thru my father and took on digital production when I was 12 years old. I picked up engineering by the time I was 18 in order to better the sound of my production and to assist other vocalists as well as fund my living post-high school. I found engineering to go hand in hand with production and noticed the best producers seek to have a knack for understanding sound design, especially in a day and age where all of these services can be done within the same computer and overall setup. I find myself to be very universal working in different genres although I especially love HipHop, Rock, and RnB. I now Live in Los Angeles working full time in music, executive producing and engineering ODIEs sophomore project due to come out at the top of Q2 next year. In the meantime I am looking to work with anyone and everyone, primarily
To better their music, and in turn better the future of my own work. Looking forward to making your sounds shine!!!!

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Gear Highlights
  • UAD 1176
  • Dangerous D-Box
  • Yamaha HS8s
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