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Helping Artists & Composers create and produce Great Sounding Music. That's what it's all about! Love working with passionate musicians, with the focus on you and your music, so you're excited with the end result ready to let the world hear!

Clients & Projects
• LX8 | Light The Dark - EDM | Mixed & Mastered.
• MARCUS HEDGES | CENTURY: Age Of Ashes - OST | Mastered.
• NO DEAL DISCO | Booty Call - Single | Mastered.
• NAINITA DESAI | 14 PEAKS: Nothing Is Impossible - Netflix OST | Mastered.
• ARTHUR SHARPE | Landscapers - Sky OST | Mastered.
• BABY POWDER | Useless Summer - Single | Mastered.
• ALEX PARSONS | Rockfield - OST | Mastered.
• KAYTLYN CATE | Darkside - Single | Mastered.
• IAN LIVINGSTONE | Jumanji The Video Game - PlayStation Soundtrack | Mastered.
• ALEX PARSONS | The Real Michael Jackson - OST | Mastered.
• DOROTHY MELODY | DIAMOND - Single | Mastered.
• MARCUS HEDGES | Ary And The Secret Of Seasons - PlayStation Soundtrack | Co-mixed and Mastered.
• THE APRICOT HOUNDS | Chapter One - Album | Mastered.
• IAN LIVINGSTONE | Oure - PlayStation Soundtrack | Mastered.

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  1. Review by Nate T.

    John mastered a 23 minute live electronic performance for me. The kick and low-end were punchy, depth of field was added, and clarity was brought out. Everything I wanted from the mastering processes. I highly recommend John.

  2. Review by Nate Tatem

    John has mastered my ambient electronic music before. This time John mastered an upbeat electronic track for me. Improvements made: solid warm bass, punchy kick, smooth high-end, removing harshness in the midrange, and a controlled dynamic range. I highly recommend John!

  3. Review by Cinique L.

    I really enjoyed working with John: great communication. He gave advice and more than I was expecting from my first master. I've come away feeling like a better artist!

  4. Review by Nate Tatem

    This is my second time using John for mastering. My ambient electronic track is much more tonally and dynamically balanced after his mastering. He also made sure the overall level matches other professional masters. I recommend his mastering, especially for ambient music!

  5. Review by Nate T.

    John mastered a long ambient electronic track for me. John was very personable and professional. I specifically picked him, because he had experience with soundtracks and it paid off. His master vastly improved the tonal balance, stereo spectrum, and overall volume of the track. His price was fair and the turn-around was quick. I highly recommend using John for mastering ambient or soundtrack type material.

  6. Review by Peter D.

    John did a super job mixing and mastering my music, is easy and friendly to work with and works hard to please. Look forward to working with John again.

  7. Review by Jo Ranger
    by Jo Ranger

    John did a fantastic job with mixing my music. He made it sound oh so much better and clearer, he was patient and understanding with all the back-and-forth between me and directors, and he can work well with live musicians AND samples too.

  8. Review by Stuart Reilly
    by Stuart Reilly

    John does a excellent job mixing, mastering and bringing greater clarity to all my music projects. I have always found him to be a very pleasant, professional and happy producer.

  9. Review by Gavin Keese
    by Gavin Keese

    John did a fantastic job mastering two of my soundtrack albums. One of these required balancing a wide array of musical styles, which he handled with ease. John is also a complete pleasure to work with: collaborative, clear, and creative. Highly recommended.

  10. Review by Arhynn Descy
    by Arhynn Descy

    John is an absolute pleasure to work with - calm, professional, detail-oriented and was unfailingly cheerful and polite about the numerous tweaks I requested. Added to that his work is top-notch. One project he both mixed and mastered for me recently, was recorded during the pandemic by the musicians themselves, with a whole array of different mics, background noise etc. John made the album sound like it was recorded in the same place and used his magic to make all the instruments sound fantastic.

  11. Review by David Tate
    by David Tate

    John has mixed and mastered a number of my tracks and I've been more than happy
    with the results. Great clarity of sound and instrument separation. He's professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with.

  12. Review by freddiehangoler
    by freddiehangoler

    John is a gifted mixing and mastering engineer. I worked with him on several occasions and every time it was an absolute pleasure. His kindness and willingness to help, makes the entire work process enjoyable and a valuable learning experience. In addition, my opinion is that John is knowledgeable and extremely professional. Attentive to his client's needs, his able to use his skills in order to bring the final mix and master to the top while serving the client's vision all at once.

  13. Review by Danny De Can
    by Danny De Can

    It is a pleasure working with John. The work is done on time (we all have deadlines), and delivered perfectly according to specs. Looking forward to many more projects together!

  14. Review by Michael

    John's worked his magic on a couple of my tracks – which were both wildly different in style – and helped to give them those extra bells and whistles (not literally, I hasten to add) that made all the difference. He's very helpful, courteous and is quick both to get the job done and answer any questions.

  15. Review by Mirela Nita

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with John on my debut EP and loved so much the experience that I’m already preparing another project for him to master. He’s fun yet professional, fast, easy to work with and I look forward to more collaborations! :)

  16. Review by Marcus Hedges
    by Marcus Hedges

    John helps my compositions and arrangements reach their full potential with his unwavering attention to detail. He’s attentive to what I want for each project and keeps me involved in the process. Without fail, the end result always exceeds my expectations.

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  • Rediscovering Zynaptic's INTENSITYMar 18, 2021

    That happy moment when you rediscover a plugin you haven’t used in quite a while 😁

  • CENTURY: AGE OF ASHES Main Theme ReleaseMar 05, 2021

    The main musical theme for the highly anticipated video game, Century: Age of Ashes, has been released by composer Marcus Hedges.

    Was wonderful to work with Marcus on this game. Mixing the track online with him for the game and then mastering this version for release.

    Available on all the usual online streaming and purchasing platforms!

  • Clients / Credits Montage UpdateJan 31, 2021

    My eyes have gone all funny after looking at all the squares! A little update to my clients and credits image. #grateful #mixing #mastering

  • In the Life of Music - Gavin KeeseJan 30, 2021

    A beautiful and emotive soundtrack by Gavin Keese for the film In the Life of Music. Now streaming on Spotify!

  • Putting together my showreelJan 22, 2021

    The easy part of putting a showreel together? Listening through all the music I've been lucky enough to work on.

    The hard bit? Having to choose which ones to squeeze into a short track!

  • MUSIKLAB Website UpdateJan 21, 2021

    Doing a spot of sprucing up and tweakage to my website. Poor thing had been neglected but is having a good clean and polish now!

  • Mastered - Jumanji The Video GameJan 21, 2021

    Ian Livingstone writes wonderful cinematic soundtracks. His music for the PlayStation game Jumanji The Video Game is no exception.

    Always love working with Ian and being entrusted with his music to master ready for release. Have a listen to the soundtrack.

  • Ary and the Secret of Seasons by Marcus HedgesJan 06, 2021

    Always a pleasure working with Marcus. Such a talented composer!

    Have a listen to the main Ary Theme here:

    Co-mixed online using Zoom & Audiomovers for the game and mastered by me for the soundtrack release.