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Hi! Im Sikander Hayer and I am a musician. Im the guy that can take your art/music to the next level!

I am a producer, mix engineer, and musician based in Vancouver. I have had the privilege of learning from the pros who have worked with artists like Chris Brown, Kid Ink, Rage Against the Machines, and Hedley, just to mention a few. This is the experience that I can bring to the table while working on your project!

MUSIC isn't something you can touch. Like all other arts, it's an EXPERIENCE. Only an artist can hear which elements are hidden (or MISSING), and manipulate your mix to more accurately reflect YOUR original intentions.

A technician can make technical alterations to your work, but just as a Record Producer is an artist who can help you articulate your ideas in the recording studio, a Mix/Mastering Engineer should be an artist who can help you fill in the final colors that make your vision and hard work in the studio COMPLETE.
You are an artist. When searching for the best choice in Mastering, why focus solely on the technology? 
Music is an ART. So is Mixing and Mastering.

Sometimes it's my job to conduct major surgery to make your mix a cohesive whole. But sometimes, my job is to just make it sound BETTER. I know when to dig deep, and I know when to just work subtle changes. If you're already 99% there, I'll gently nudge your music up to 100%.

Contact me, let's get to work, let's make art.

Send me a note through the contact button above.

Terms Of Service

Digital/In the Box Mix:
-Up to 48 stems, for more stems: + 5$ every additional stems.
-2 revisions per mix. $35 for additonal revisions

-CD Mastering
-Stem Mastering

Gear Highlights
  • API2500
  • Helios
  • UA 1176
  • Pultec
  • ART Pro-VLA II
  • Kush Audio Clariphonic
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