Andrea Mogni

Remote Mixing and Mastering

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I'm a young 20 years old engineer who wants to make experience and mixing music all day. This is my passion and I'm crafting my art day by day. I love music, I listen to all genres. I'm specialized in urban music and all of his subgenres. I have a thing for low frequencies, I care a lot in my mixes. I've worked mainly with indipendent artist.

I started doing this when I was 16. After a year while I'm going to school I found a studio where I started assisting the main engineer. There I learned a lot, I practiced recording live instruments and mixing them. I learned using different Daws. After a while I started running recording sessions with the clients of the studio and manage all kind of request. I spend there nearly 2 years. Now I work as a freelance in some studios when they need me and in my home studio where I spend 75% of the time mixing records. Through the years I crafted the art of mixing electronic music and manage sampled sounds. I do a lot of rap and trap music, pop and techno. I currently use Pro Tools, I'm a certified avid pro tools user.

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