Logan Steeves

Vocalist, Rhythm Guitarist

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Mainly a Vocalist, also a rhythm guitar player, amateur pianist, and familiar with Logic Pro and a small amount of mixing. In the midst of working on a debut lighter pop-punk sounding album. Aiming to achieve a blink 182 sounding instrumental with Sum41 melodies over top. Still need a bassist and producer. Aiming to record and publish 6 track ep.

I've been a pop-punk, early 2000's music lover for as long as I can remember. Early in my songwriting career I started mainly writing acoustic, soft indie music. Wasn't satisfied. I think then moved to a more contemporary, software instrument style of music, and I still wasn't satisfied. This leads me to the project I'm trying to finish now. After seeing one of my favourite bands live (Sum41), I came to the realization that the kind of music I really want to make is a pop-punk style, the style I grew up listening to. I realized I had never fully dived into it because of my lack of equipment and music circle. I'm now 7 months in and have the general writing of the album done (Lyrics, melodies, acoustic rhythm guitar, tiding up rhythm electric guitar, tempos, bass concept) but still have much more to do. Ideally, I would love a studio I could travel to within Canada. What I really need help with is recording and mixing this kind of music as I've never done this style before, and also help just tidying up pieces of the songs. Production for the whole ep would also be very useful. Not a huge budget by any means, but I have lots of recording gear at home that's capable if there's a need to cut costs. I also have one drummer (undecided if he'll join in as a band member or not) that is willing to write my drum tracks for me. Lead guitar parts would be great,but not necessary though.

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