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Programming is my life. And with programming I started to listen to many kinds of music. I love music so I started to make mixes for me to work but I realized, that not just me like it :)

I am a programmer from my early 14 years. This is my hobby and I used to program everything from games/websites/apps/robots...

I always work with music. Music with work is something I called "meditation". If you do what you love with nice music flow, it is blessed mood for me. So I started uploading music mixes on YouTube because I wanted to have this music always everywhere with me and I did not realize, that it was public to world.

But later on.. My videos started to have thousands / rather say ten thousands of views and people really like it. I did not know why they love my music so much and I was not planning anything. People start begging me to upload more and more content so I started uploading more music for work, reading, relax, traveling, study, programming and so on for people who like this style.

Now I am creator one of the channels which serve people music for work. Maybe if you really love something, people will feel it, that you are putting your soul in your work. I really appreciate your support guys and hope you love my selection of music.

Thank you again everyone for support.

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