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When you get sick of what you're used to, and decide that basic mediocre method of entertainment you've grown to be so dependent on isn't cutting it anymore, then maybe what you need is something real for a change? Something a little more... A1?!

Continuous delivery of exclusive content on a constant basis.
Wisdom through "sound".
Leave it to the experts with years of experience.
You'll never hear anything less than my best.

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If your initial exposure r dead hutch fan and don't realize it.
I remain conscious and aware of what words and imagery I use to convey what’s in the conversation is that the t each project is all about. Planned and carefully executed from start to finish to always produce a new experience for the listener.
If I don't feel it, you won't hear it. Period.
Imagery speaks volumes and the words I choose are a reflection of my subconscious and conscious personality.
Factual as well as fantasy.
Unfiltered, uncensored, intelligently delivered, extremely offensive at times, with a sinister sense of humor. I mean it's real dark. pitch black actually.
Your almost have to if you wanna survive, thrive, and maintain success and stability in the world we live in today.
My mind is insanity at it's finest, my life is isolated silence, and my only escape from my nightmare is dying.... but with music I don't have to suffer on my way to the grave.

Let's learn from each other.
Your support means the world to me.
I'm forever grateful.
-A1 Since Day 1

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Alpha by MistaA1

I was the creator in this production

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