Golden Goose Bars.

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I offer an extinct, unique, and substance-filled style of rhyming and lyricism. Also, I'm equipped with an extensive vocabulary and the cultural/social awareness necessary to produce relevant "have to hear it 5 times to be able to appreciate it" material consistently.

Check out these excerpts!

"“Mama kept it locked separate cause she knew about my energy
Handed me not a gift but a vision, unwrap it carefully.
barely been on the map but I'll catch up without a come-up,
not resting until the sun up this early birds eating everything.
--And no worries I've got serenity
Ante me all or nothing, i put it on my integrity
this man is just a menace till he manifest his destiny
i'm gifted how i gamble hope you’re writing down this recipe”

Untitled 1

“Swine, my verses cast to, a pasture with 9 lives,
not a cat but a fine time to react to the fine line
where you're staring I'm standing on it I dance with a Landmine
my tongue on the detonator I favor the landslide

my cadence got mad vibes, so she listen to fast lies
from a piston with all morale, and a fistful of dandelions
that apathy for authority, vicious, with pad Thai on my dishes
forgot to switch ‘em, and that's why it backfired.”

"but i’ll stay wherever i please, I’m inebriated for now
and we’re bound to get intertwined, cause I’m going the extra mile
most done; it's a done deal, 4 fronts, back it up slow
it's a one way street, I rode on 1 wheel. Bang!

Well of course I know myself enough to suffer,
gotta fix my lack of focus and temper not to tamper
no streets, its third coast forever
my city was underwater, got worse before it got better"

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Terms Of Service

-Up to 10 revisions per project.
-Can create and expedite a song last minute with at least 4 hours notice.
-Typically 1-2 days total completion turn around time depending on project.

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  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Eminem
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