Mozu Mastering is a dedicated mastering studio located in the Tri-State area in New Haven, Connecticut.
We have experience mastering music across all genres.
Samples of our work can be heard at

We’ve invested in those elements we believe to be critical to a successful mastering space. To us, the elements of paramount importance adhere to the concepts of ensuring an accurate and translatable listening environment. Within this context, key elements include the design of our studio to ensure an acoustically-flat, low decay-time listening room, as well as full-range, transparent monitoring equipment.

It is our goal to assist our clients in bringing their work to its full artistic potential. To this end, we adopt an attitude of using the best possible tool available to get the job done right - using both analog and digital tools when appropriate. This flexibility has allowed us to successfully master projects across all genres.

We look forward to working with you in fully expressing your artistic vision.


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