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Studio nerd by day, mixing live bands by night. During the day I record, mix, master and fumble around with old smelly gear in my studio. At night I mix live music for bands I tour with or one of most popular venues in Amsterdam, De Melkweg.

I don't have any super-awards on my name just yet, but perhaps you'll be the first!

I run a studio facility in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where we mainly do recordings and mixing. We've got a nice control room filled with analog and digital toys, a spacious tracking room with beautiful Steinway M170 grand piano and a production room that doubles as a isolation booth for drums or, whatever, really.. Most importantly we've got a lounge with couch, dining table, and a great coffee machine!

The control room is very hybrid, with a big analog Cadac console as its center piece. I love working analog, but it's not for every project. Sometimes you need the ease of recallability, and quick changes, that's why I can be completely in the box as well.
But there's just something about pushing faders, turning knobs and pushing buttons.

I work on a lot of different genres. A lot of jazz ensembles love to come here for recording because of the nice piano, but I also love crunchy guitars, pumping beats and lush vocals. I've got a wide musical interest, both electronic and acoustic, but I enjoy my work most when it's just a couple of people playing in a room and feeding off of each other. There's something in playing together that's magic to me.

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Gear Highlights
  • Cadac J type console
  • ATC SMC50 monitors
  • Pro Tools HDX system
  • 32 channels of Apogee Symphony mkII IO
  • 16 channels of Avid HD IO
  • Lexicon 480L Legendary Reverb
  • Eventide H3000
  • Roland Space Echo RE-150
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