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Are you a heavy metal band and are you having trouble finding a great engineer to record, mix, and master your precious work? Well look no further. At Metal Mike Productions, I take the time to indulge my self in your music to figure out that exact sound you're looking for. I am very well rounded and familiar with various sub genres of metal.

My name is Michael Manopla. I am a 20 year old audio engineer. I have gone to IAR in NYC for audio engineering. I am a lead guitarist in the band Trapped In the Solstice and I also do vocals as well. I mainly do recording, mixing, and mastering for heavy metal. I love heavy metal music and my goal as an audio engineer is to give back to the community for turning me into the person I am today. My prices are by the project as of right now, so for pricing please contact me for pricing. For the record, I only offer recording services for people who live within the NYC or NJ area. I mainly focus on mixing and mastering. I use Pro Tools for recording, mixing and mastering on my 2013 Macbook Pro. As a client, I plan to work with you to help you get that exact sound you are looking for. I am very well rounded with various sub genres of metal, which will allow me to create a sound based on your bands music and your influences. So if you're ready for great priced engineering for your precious work, come to Metal Mike Productions.

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