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I've worked for about a decade in the music industry as a musician, producer and mixing engineer. Being an actor in the rising of the independent scene in Quebec City, I've worked with artists like Men I Trust, Ghostly Kisses, Harfang, Fjord, Floes and many other artists that have defined what is now known as the Quebec sound.

I've worked for about a decade in the music industry as a musician and producer for many emerging artists.

Coming from the indie scene I've improved my craft by seeking the best of tones and colors. For the last 3-4 years, I've been working on the art of the hook and how to make a song sound original but also to make it stick in your mind 'till you die.

I can produce and/or mix your music. I can also help you with just your melodies.

- As a professional singer myself, I understand how vocals are important for transmitting the emotional charge of the song to the audience. Therefore, I specialize in vocal melodies and making them stand out!

- I have a punchy approach on drums and percussions, I like clean and snappy transients!

- I love contrasts! Contrasts in the chord progression, in the structure of the song, in the intensity of the interpretation, in the melodies... For me, contrasts are the heart of what makes a good song.

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Interview with Samuel Wagner

  1. Q: What's your typical work process?

  2. A: After i'm introduced with the songs of an artist, it usually starts with a lot of talk. I like being able to understand what is the vision of the artist, what does he foresee in the future and what is his objectives with his project. Then we go through some propositions and when we know we are on the same page, I like things to start moving fast. Creativity is a fast moving concept. Good ideas are spontaneous and often come out of chaos. Creating a stimulating, constructive and positive environment is key!

  3. Q: Tell us about your studio setup.

  4. A: I believe small and simple setup is great for a quick workflow. I have a small studio in downtown Quebec city, in the center of the music scene here. I have a pair of Adam A7X that is calibrated for my studio. I have a Antelope interface that is linked to 8 more Audient pre-amp. I have access to multiple vintage synths, a Fender Rhodes and a Wurlitzer, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums etc... I also have free access to multiple other studios in Quebec city for fine tuning my mixes or for any special needs.

  5. Q: What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

  6. A: I think Nigel Godrich is the first producer that inspired my work. I also really like Max Martin's vision of music. As an musician, Bjork and Radiohead have taught me there should be no limit to creativity.

  7. Q: Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.

  8. A: I usually work as a producer, mixing engineer and vocal melody coach. My job is to make the artists confident with their songs. I make stand out what's best in their work.

Stockholm by Harfang,

I was the Mixing engineer and producer in this production

Terms Of Service

I allow 2 revisions. Turn-around time as an average of 1 week but can vary upon the nature of the request.

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