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Studio to produce the music in different styles.Mixing & Mastering music. 25 years of Mixing experience ... 5 years of Mastering experience.. Writing music for theatrical productions, films.Several successful singles in electronic dance music.ZARINE was at the origins of the Drum & Bass style.

Sergey Ptitsyn (ZARINe) - Make the recording studio, has been mixed and the release material of other musicians of different styles.
HS Recordings is a small label in the making, it was organized back in 1999, and behaved like a Phoenix bird. It soared with a musical opus, then fell to the ground. The label was organized by two friends Jan Slavov (Dj UNO) and Sergey Ptitsin ( ZARINE, S13, NIR300, PTITZYN ...) on the basis of the HAVANA CLUB institution in St. Petersburg. Life has been swept away by comrades around the world, but the idea of ​​the label is still alive and is being realized again. The label, as from the very beginning, is engaged in interesting projects preferring electronic music. ZARINE was one of those who stood at the source in the 90s Drum and bass in the culture, and today promotes broken rhythms in worldwide mass.

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Agressive Chill - Motorfinger Mixing produced by S.Ptitsyn (ZARINe)

I was the Mixing Engineer,Mastering, in this production

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