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Hi! My name is Gunther Mattner and i'm a 29 years old guy from Germany who is in love with all kinds of music.

I´m a Music Producer and gained over the years a pretty good knowledge about the technics of Mixing and Mastering Electronic Music. I just want to get more into the music business, find new people to work with and want to increase my skills and because of that, i made this offer:
I remember the time in the mid 2000´s when i started making music with my computer. And i always had issues with my sound due to the lack of skills in mixing and mastering. If you are at a point when you dont know what to do anymore to sound better, you sometimes need just another pair of ears. And that's what i offer to you. Since i´m not a professional audio engineer and i didnt go to any engineering school it will not be very expensive. Just contact me and we can talk about it. And if you are dissatisfied with my work you don´t have to pay anything.

Send me a note through the contact button above.

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